If you're visiting Florida for the attractions in Orlando, or the races in Daytona, you're close enough to take in one more..  Mosquito Lagoon.  Legendary for it's spectacular fishing, You came this far, don't miss some of Mother Natures' finest work.

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The lagoon often referred to as 'The redfish capital of the world'. It is legendary for red fish (red drum) and sea trout.  Ocasional flounder, and snook are not unheard of.

The lush grass flats, skinny water, and many mangrove islands are perfect breeding grounds for these prized game fish.  Many other species call these waters home, including mullet, ladyfish, jacks, and of course catfish.

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Mosquito lagoon is located in east central Florida between New Smyrna Beach to the north and the Haulover Canal, which is part of the Intracoastal Waterway running the length (and beyond) to the south.
Much of the lagoon is bordered by national parks.  Canaveral National Seashore park to the east, Cape Kennedy to the south and east. You can actually see the Vehicle Assembly Building at the cape from the lagoon, and on a lucky day, you can even witness a rocket launch from the cape! The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge borders the south and west.

The lack of shoreline development and bordering national parks make this a haven for peaceful and rewarding on water experiences. Dolphin, manatees, and pelicans can be seen here on most any day. Even rare white pelicans congregate here in the winter.

Much of the lagoon is only a few inches to less than 3 feet deep. Navigation on the flats is almost impossible without experience and a flats capable boat. Tidefall is minimal but it does run, and you can become high and dry in no time.  Kaykers are often seen around the fringes near the boat ramps and access points.  

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Mosquito lagoon

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